Vintage Mongoose

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Mongoose bikes from 1975-1978 came equipped with Ashtabula black finished non-stamped forks.

Mongoose bikes from 1979-1981 came equipped with Tange 1200 pinched ended forks.

Then came the decoster fork with 7/8" leg and a large steer tube boss.

At first the Decoster fork had no hole for a front brake caliper.

Later Decoster forks had a brake caliper hole soon after they were used as Team and Supergoose forks.

Next fork variation was the 7/8" leg with a small steer tube boss. This was soon replaced with 1" legs.

Below is the smaller steer tube boss.

Below is a Kos Kruiser fork. The same beveled ends on the forks were used on the Two/Four, Two/Six and later Californians and Experts.

Above are general guidelines as to what type of fork would be found on a “stock” Mongoose bike.

Please refer to the catalogs section for the options list for each year of model.