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Below are some names of the Mongoose Factory Sponsored Riders. Click on their name for a recent interview, pics or their Biography from back in the day. If you have any information on where some of these riders are today and they would like to contribute to the site with an interview, please email us. We would be happy to include them in the site.

USA Riders

Original Mongoose Team Riders
Bryan Curnel
Neil Bonds
Mongoose Riders
Bobby Woods
Greg Hill
Kenny Aman
Roland Veicht
Travis Chipres
Billy Griggs
Sam Arellano
Stanley Robinson
Tim Richardson
Brett Allen
Charlie Litsky
Dave Dechert
Derek Palumbo
Jason Kick
Jeff Parscale
Darwin Griffin
Jeff Lewis
JAG Riders
Chris Hopkins
Amon Emeka
Steve Cohen
Tommy Brackens
Richard Zagers
Charlie Williams
Turnell Henry
Brian Barlow
Jason Jenson
Mike McCarver 
Phillip Maxwell
Kelly Roker
Dwayne Demar 
Blue Max Riders
Mark Lopez
Brian Gass
Karim Richardson
Fred Johnson
Jason Chang
Raleigh Rampar Riders
Jeff Bottema

Aussie Riders

Jamie Hales
Mick Wiltshire
Dean Crisp
Shane Robinson
Paul Librio
Grant Williams
Matthew Weeks
Stu Davies

UK Riders

Pete Middleton
Wayne Llewellen
Damian Miles
Jon Greaves
Steve Greaves
Mark Sopp
Alexia Jarvis
Holly Jarvis
Sam Jarvis
Julian Jarvis

Japan Riders

Miyagi Chikara