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Team Jag

Jag BMX- was a company owned by Renny Roker, a fellow from the Virgin Islands. He was an executive for Casablanca Records and he gave me all of Donna Summer's albums, as she was one of my favorites. He built a strong BMX racing team and my company made private label bikes and components for him and Jag BMX was quite successful. Skip


  • Team JAG available in nickel plated and Buttermilk sand with anodized seat post.
  • “Roger DeCoster” all chrome moly fork.
  • Gold Stem with anodized aluminum handlebars.
  • Shimano Dura-Ace 170mm gold forged aluminum cranks, with 44 T sprocket.
  • B.M.X.-1 chrome moly shaft black pedals-double reinforced.
  • Tange Headset and Bottom bracket.
  • Genuine Oakley II grips.
  • Araya alloy wheels, 80 gauge spokes, Shimano alloy hubs with 16T freewheel.
  • Alloy caliper brakes.
  • Super lightweight suede racing saddle.
  • MX Knobby tires
  • Kit form with step by step assembly instructions.

      *See specification sheet in the catalog section for specific year options.*