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The Moto Trac bicycle was made by BMX Products, Inc. for a company out of Atlanta, Georgia called, Trac International Corporation.  The frames were very similar in design to the Mongoose frame. However, at the front gusset there was the stamping of a T. It even sported some of the same components as the other Mongooses. The following component list is from an ad in Bicycle Motocross Action, date unknown.

Frame: Heliarc, All tubes Chromoly.
Fork: All Chromoly; Tubular.
Handlebars: Stainless Steel/Polished.
Stem: Double Clamp Stem.
Seat: Kashimax Blue.
Seat Post: Stainless Steel.
Crank: 7” Chromoly QC, Spider 39T, with alloy chainwheel.
Wheels: Alloy Anodized, 36H 80 gauge, Blue Rims and Hubs.
Brakes: 15T Free wheel with MX Caliper brake.
Tires: Skinwall 20 x 2.125 front and 20 x 1.75 rear.