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Hoppy Brooks

Hoppy Brooks was V.P. of Manufacturing

Do you remember who were the first frame welder and engineer?

Hoppy Brooks and his son-in-law Mark Ekvall came from the motorcycle exhaust business and were expert TIG welders and craftsman.

The welding on the gusseted Mongoose frame is very unique. Why did you choose that method of welding was it up to the welder or engineer behind the frame design?

My friend Chuck Smith (Hoppy’s previous boss and motorcycle header owner) was very instrumental in the frames initial design. TIG welding was chosen on Chuck Smith’s welding experience. I was also in favor of this due to my engineering background and drag racing knowledge.

Are you still in contact with Chuck Smith, Hoppy Brooks and Mark Ekvall?

I see Chuck Smith once in a while, he is a multi-talented chap. For the last many years he has been regarded as a 1955-1957 Chevy expert and restorer. He specializes in carburetor and fuel injection. Chuck also is a highly skilled designer, fabricator, welder and painter.

Hoppy Brooks passed away during the active Mongoose years. Mark Ekvall, Hoppy’s
son-in-law and a skilled fabricator, took over for Hoppy. I have not been in contact with Mark for several years.  

Excerpts of interviews done with Skip Hess

November 2007