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Tom Gadbury

Tom Gadbury was Manager of Production along with other executive duties

"Dear Rick & Warren:

Today I received a warm Merry Christmas phone call from Tom Gadbury. Tom was an extremely key employee that was responsible for a large variety of duties at BMX Products. I relied on Tom for so many things and he was my right hand man. He ran several departments in the factory and totally ran our offsite Motomag facility in Gardena CA. He knew more about our operations than anyone. There are so many stories to tell involving Tom.

When I opened “Hess Designs” (Blue Max Bicycles) Tom joined me and was again was my right hand man. Upon shutting down “Hess Designs”, Tom joined Giant Bicycles USA to run their huge warehouse facility for several years. I can never thank Tom enough for his energetic loyalty, trustworthiness and friendship."

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